Smart Data Use Cases

OutsideIntel for IT Sales Enablement

Traditional sales techniques often leave you guessing your client’s actual needs. A data-driven sales approach takes the guesswork out of sales, giving you a leg up by identifying qualified leads, allowing you to use the same vocabulary as your client, helping you find additional potential projects within a company, and helping you scope the deal properly and identify additional upsell opportunities. In short, smart data makes you look like a rock-star while helping the client in the process. With OutsideIntel you can stop leaving money on the table.


Increase lead generation:

Without OutsideIntel:

Sales: “What are you using today and would you have any interest in XYZ?”

Customer: “We’re using something different, I’m really not at liberty to say. Sorry, there’s no way we’re switching to XYZ.”

With OutsideIntel:

Sales: “We know you’re using ABC across 300 of your sites. We’ve analyzed both and think ABC was a decent product when it came out but XYZ has come a long way since you probably looked at it last and its way better than ABC believe it or not. You could get better conversions with XYZ, not to mention better compliance, it’s easier to maintain and has a lower price point. I know it’s a massive ask of anyone to switch this late in the game, but we can offer you a money back guarantee to show you how much you’re potentially losing by not switching. If it doesn’t make you more in the first 6 months than your other sites are, we’ll give you your money back.”

Customer: “Wow, yeah, I’d need to know more, but that sounds… interesting.”


Learn the language of their business:

Without OutsideIntel:

Sales: “So, how are things going? What projects are you currently worried about?”

Customer: “Projects? Oh… I don’t know. We’re pretty much steady pace these days. Things are good.”

With OutsideIntel:

Sales: “The Orion Initiative really seems like it’s picking up momentum. We should probably get in there at some point and meet with the project leader and talk about ‘node4’. There’s a lot we can do to clean that up and make it successful.”

Customer: “Oh, the Orion Initiative, right. Yeah. The CEO is really pushing that and it’s… well… don’t get me started. They need all kinds of help – especially the ‘node4’ team. I’m only dotted line into them but it’s already a total mess. We should chat about that actually, I totally forgot about it. They need you guys. They need a miracle.”


Find additional entry points into your customer and additional stakeholders:

Without OutsideIntel:

Sales: “Are there any other teams or divisions that we should be talking to with interesting projects?”

Customer: “Uh… I… maybe? I’ll have to think about that and get back to you.”

With OutsideIntel:

Sales: “Your German Datacenter is pretty active these days. You have a bunch of new sites coming online over there – probably for those data privacy protection laws in the EU by the looks of it. We should probably get in touch with someone over there if you happen to know anyone. We can already see some things that probably could use some help. Normally I wouldn’t bring this up but we just partnered with XYZ and I think their newest feature could really help your German team.”

Customer: “Oh yeah… Germany? That’s a totally different department. I should get you in touch with Ellen over there. She’s the general manager and my main contact. She knows all those projects.”


Stop leaving money on the table:

Without OutsideIntel:

Sales: “So, how many sites are in scope for this audit?”

Customer: “Oh… well, there’s the main site… and the asset site. So… two? Yeah. Two.”

With OutsideIntel:

Sales: “We found 1232 sites that seem to be in scope for the audit, but most of them seem to be non-functional or just copies of the main site. We came up with a list of 51 that we think the audit should tackle first, and the rest we can save for another project to clean them up and remove the redundant sites that shouldn’t be online. It’s safer and cleaner not to have all of that exposed. But it’s up to you. Here’s the list and if it looks good I can put together a proposal for you.”

Customer: “Oh, wow, I can’t believe all this stuff is out there. Yeah, all this looks good, except this one… ugh… I’m going to have to make some phone calls, this one shouldn’t be on the Internet at all. But yeah, thanks for this. And yes, please send over the proposal.”


Make yourself an indispensable trusted resource and a rockstar in your customer’s eyes:

Without OutsideIntel:

Sales: “What else is going on?”

Customer: “Oh you know. Just plugging away! Same old stuff. How are you doing?”

With OutsideIntel:

Sales: “It looks like 37 of your systems are using that SAAS product ABC that got hacked last week. Do you need any help cleaning that up?”

Customer: “Yeah, wow. That many? I had no idea. That’s a mess over there. I feel bad for the ops guys. No wonder they’re freaking out. But they’ve got it covered I think. Speaking of which though, can you guys tell me what else I should be looking at?”

Stop Leaving Money on the Table