Sustainable Sources Sees Growth In Greenbuilder Space

Confidence: High
Impact: High
Disposition of finding: Positive

Sustainable Sources was founded in 1994 by Bill Christensen and is an Austin based company. Hailing from the same place that I call home is just a coincidence, I assure you. I wanted to take a look at one of their properties Greenbuilder to see how they were doing. The eco space is definitely picking up steam, especially now that it is so front and center in the political space.

As you would expect, there has been a nice growth for Greenbuilder over the last year. Since Q2FY2014 I’ve seen a 25% growth in customers. Not bad. It’s not clear how long that is sustainable, but it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw more builders moving into the green space as it could be seen as a competitive advantage, or even a must-have in the future.

Even if you wanted to just focus on additional advertizing space, Sustainable Sources builder registry might be a good place for builders to spend a little time on. That is even more true in left-leaning eco-conscious towns like Austin and elsewhere.

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