Salesforce Sees A Nice Growth Trajectory

Confidence: Medium
Impact: High
Disposition of finding: Positive

Salesforce Inc. is a San Francisco, California headquartered business focused on customer relationship management. It was founded before the great .com crash in 1999, and has since expanded dramatically as a de-facto CRM tool for businesses. It is currently publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol CRM.

I’ve been seeing a very nice growth of Salesforce over the last year. Although there was a flatline just before the holiday season (in Q3 2014) they have recently grown quite a bit since December 2014. Seasonal variations are easily explained due to requirements on their retail customers who require stability leading up to the busiest shopping season. Since Q1 of 2014 I’ve seen around a 40-50% increase in their total size.

It’s totally possible that some company could come along and displace any individual feature, that Salesforce provides, but it’s really unlikely that they would be able to match the depth of features, customer support and sheer entrenchment of the Goliath CRM company. Things look good at the moment for their prospects.

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