Meetup Seeing a Flatline of Near Zero Growth

Confidence: High
Impact: Medium
Disposition of finding: Neutral/Unknown

Meetup Inc. is a social networking site based in the United States that has seen quite a bit of coverage since it’s inception after the 9/11 attacks. The founder believed it would be a good place to allow people to find like-minded friends to discuss the attack and subsequent aftermath.

Over the last year, Meetup has not seen a terribly impressive growth. In fact, Meetup’s total growth over FY2014 and the beginning of FY2015 appears to be nearly flat. While it hasn’t gone down and there are probably better ways to monetize the existing user base, I’m not seeing enough growth to consider this a good IPO/acquisition candidate.

It’s entirely possible that companies like Meetup Inc. will find ways to draw more users in in times of need, or monetize the existing user base more effectively. For now though, the company appears to be on a very slow growth trajectory with no change in sight.

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