Firehost Seeing A Strange Decline

Confidence: Medium
Impact: High
Disposition of finding: Negative

Firehost is one of the leading cloud based web application firewall and acceleration services on the market. It’s seen an amazing growth over the years due in large part to it’s ease of configuration and low price point compared to companies like Akamai.

Strangely though, despite it’s reputation for rapid growth Firehost has not had the best year. In fact I’m seeing a shrinkage of close to 40%, since Q2 2014. It’s entirely possible I’m missing quite a bit of their customer base, but even still, I wouldn’t expect to see shrinkage.

This may have something to do with the fact that customers are getting more resilient and no longer require web application firewall protection or no longer see the need for it in lieu of free alternatives, like mod_security. Or it’s possible that Firehost has gotten a hold of a fraud problem and reduced the number of fraudulent websites that it was hosting. Either way, the shrinkage is large enough it’s noteworthy, and at this juncture I’d be wary about taking a company like this public.

Obligatory legal disclaimer.