Eventbrite Seeing a Slow and Steady Growth Pattern

Confidence: High
Impact: Low
Disposition of finding: Neutral/Unknown

Eventbrite is a San Francisco based mid-sized business focused on the event planning space. They’ve been one of the darlings of the tech community, in part because they were one of the earliest to capitalize on the need to schedule events beyond the walls of a corporate Intranet or simple parties.

I am, however, not seeing the kind of growth that one would expect a company that was poised for success to have. Solid, growth numbers, yes, but Eventbrite seems to be seeing single digit percentile growth from mid FY2014 through Q1 of FY2015. That may have something to do with the fact that many people moved from Eventbrite to similar event companies. It’s unclear why, but I don’t see any hockey-stick curves worthy of note.

In hindsight it makes sense why the founders don’t want to go public. With a slow-steady growth that looks more linear than exponential, it makes for a wonderful boutique/lifestyle business, but hardly the blow-them-out-of-the-water IPO event that their investment teams were probably most interested in seeing when they invested a purported $140 million.

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