Insights for ClickBank

ClickBank sees sudden affiliate growth.

Confidence: Medium

Impact: Medium

Disposition of finding: Positive

I’ve used ClickBank before as an affiliate program and had never really thought much about it until I happened across some information that shows just how rapidly things are changing.

In just the last month they have grown north of 200%. That’s a huge increase in affiliate links in a relatively short amount of time. It’s difficult to be certain what this means, but it could point to some interesting things.

It is possible that this massive change may be an increase in people moving into affiliate marketing after the new year. It’s also possible that such an increase might be an increase in spam affiliate marketers or individual marketers marketing additional products than they had previously. Either way, the way that ClickBank works, it doesn’t matter much which. This growth ultimately means more links, whether valid or invalid, which means more possibilities for consumer purchases. ClickBank is not penalized much by abusive affiliates unless the publisher stops using ClickBank completely. Typically an increase in links means more money for the affiliates, and therefore more money for ClickBank as a result.

Obligatory legal disclaimer.