Atlassian Sees Huge Growth

Confidence: High
Impact: Medium
Disposition of finding: Positive

Atlassian is a mid-sized software manufacturer headquartered in Australia that has become heavily entrenched in the enterprise development space. With products like Jira, Confluence and Hipchat they have already made themselves a relatively well entrenched player in the enterprise software development space.

Atlassian had seen a relatively large growth at the beginning of FY2014, but then had tapered off for the bulk of 2014 with almost no growth compared to what they had experienced previously. That was somewhat concerning at first glance, until I looked at the last few months when Atlassian enjoyed a massive jump. My estimates put Atlassian’s growth at as high or maybe even higher than 30% in a two month time period. Ideally a company preparing for an IPO would grow that much per year, not per quarter, but somehow they are doing just that. That puts them in the explosive growth category, and possibly well into the exponential realm. Is there a public event in their future? This looks promising.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them continue to grow as they become more entrenched. As permeable as development teams tend to be in large companies, it stands to reason that many developers will leave to other companies and recommend Atlassian products to start-ups and other software development shops where Atlassian will get still further entrenched. My only concern with the products that Atlassian sells is that the industry is still young and there are plenty of players attempting to disrupt the market. For now though, Atlassian appears to be on a pretty dramatic up-swing.

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